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Atopy workshops

Atopy workshops are held in hospitals for adults and children with atopic dermatitis as a form of therapeutic education. They are supervised by health professionals - nurses, pediatric nurses, doctors and psychologists - who help patients not to overreact, to better understand and to better manage the disease on a daily basis.

This makes patients aware of their own resources to improve their daily lives and boost their confidence in the treatment and care of their condition, which is not always treated properly. Patients are able to express their discomfort regarding the reaction of other people, learn the right reflexes to relieve pain and itching, and understand the disease and its treatment.
By taming the disease, the patient learns to live better with it.

Atopy workshops provide a meeting place where everyone can find patients like them. They can share their experiences and pain, benefit from support and talk with medical professionals. It is a place where people learn to break out of their isolation and overcome the feeling of exclusion.

80 Atopy schools in the world